Kangal Dogs International

An independent association of artisans, scholars and most of all dog lovers devoted to the Turkish Kangal Dog.  We hope to make a difference using our time and talents to support projects that sustain, study, and seek to preserve this breed. This is not a formal organization, it is a series of personal projects made out of love for the Kangal.

It is our intent to help document, conserve and interpret the visual and written heritage of the Kangal Dog in order to offer a glimpse into it's present situation both in its homeland and abroad.

Ode to a Matriarch

A very moving tribute to Lilly by Elisabeth von Buchwaldt

In memory Lilly


In our Store: Fresh T-shirt designs now available!

All proceeds go to benefit Kangal Rescue.  We hope to make a difference by supporting the successful rehoming of Kangal Dogs in need. Many designs are sold out but more are being printed soon.

New KDI T Shirts

T-Shirt design Kangal Lilly

T-Shirt design International flags

Kangal Rescue News

Update on Kangal rescue "Mazze" in Canada's Yukon Territory--

One of the over 600 successful adoptions by Herdenschutzhund-Service e.V.

Robert and Carmen send in more news about Mazze 12/19/2009

Mazze, Kangal rescue with his family

New Collars

2010 Kangal Collars

made by Ron Grill.  For ordering information, or custom requests, please contact Ron directly here.

Updates in News

Kangal Book, Canadian website and more! KDI NEWS.

2010 Kangal Calendars Sold Out!

We will be offering a 16 month calendar coming up soon.  This will be a deluxe calendar featuring some truly beautiful Kangal Dogs and extra content!  Check back soon for the 16 month calendar.

Kangal Dog Calendar 2010



New Article in the Literature Archive


Turkish Livestock Guardian Dogs by Ilker Ünlü

Turkish Livestock Guardian Dogs Article

Coming Soon: In the Kangal Dog Archive

A photo set and artwork from early May 2008 - Haymana, Turkey

Kangals in Haymana

Shepherd with Kangal Dogs


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